Uncovering the Dark Universe with Machine Learning

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Christoph Weniger

Christoph Weniger

I am an associate professor at GRAPPA, the center of excellence for GRavitation AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam, and the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam. Currently, I lead as Principle Investigator the ERC consolidator project UnDark. I use Machine Learning to shed light on the mysteries of the dark Universe.

Group mission

We aim at finding signals of physics beyond the Standard Model using a wide range of astrophysical observations. Our ultimate goal is to shed light on dark matter and other mysteries of the dark Universe. We focus on new observational approaches and technical challenges that others have not been able to overcome. An important component is to train the next generation of astroparticle physicists in cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

Group members

For information about possible Bachelor and Master projects in my group checkout out the GRAPPA website, or contact me directly.



Adam Coogan



Camila Correa

Postdoc (VENI Fellow)


Luca Visinelli

Postdoc (GRAPPA Fellow)


Marco Chianese



Sam Witte

Postdoc (eTEC-BIG)

PhD Students


Benjamin Miller

PhD student (co-supervision with S. Nissanke and AI4Science)


Dion Noordhuis

PhD student


Kosio Karchev

PhD student (co-supervision with R. Trotta, SISSA)


Noemi Anau Montel

PhD student

MSc Students


Androniki Dimitriou

MSc student


Research projects, research initiatives & experimental collaborations

ERC CoG UnDark

Principal Investigator. We explore new approaches to uncover dark matter in the post-WIMP era.

eTEC-BIG Dark Generators

Principal Investigator. With Sascha Caron (Radboud), the eScience center and SURFsara we use probabilistic differentiable programming to improve and to steer physical simulators for particle collisions (ATLAS/LHC) and for strong lensing images.


Group leader. We use AI for better modeling and searches of gravitational wave signals with the LIGO/Virgo detectors.

Physics Vrije Programma

Co-Investigator. The Hidden Universe of Weakly Interacting Particles. We will investigate the properties of the most elusive particles in our universe – neutrinos and dark matter.

CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array)

Member of the CTA consortium. We are interested in searching for gamma-rays from dark matter and studying primordial magnetic fields.


Co-organizer. Dark Machines is a research collective of physicists and data scientists with the goal to uncover the mysteries of the dark Universe.


Former lead of DarkBit, core development. We perform the global analyes of beyond-the-standard model physics.

Recent Publications

For a full list of publications see inspirehep.net

Lightning-Fast Gravitational Wave Parameter Inference through Neural Amortization

A frequentist analysis of three right-handed neutrinos with GAMBIT

Differentiable Strong Lensing: Uniting Gravity and Neural Nets through Differentiable Probabilistic Programming


Physics and Astronomy master track GRAPPA

  • Machine Learning for Physics and Astronomy
  • Advanced statistics
  • Cosmology